You can pay for your order in 3 different ways! These ways are:

Cash on Delivery – Cash On Delivery
Credit or color card via Viva Payments

The order is random and there is no way of payment we recommend. Whichever payment method you choose is 100% safe and there are no extra charges! So choose the one that suits you best and fully meets your needs!

Below we describe in detail what each payment method is and what actions are necessary to complete your order in each way separately!

1. Cash on delivery – Cash on delivery
The easiest and most traditional method of payment is of course cash on delivery of your order. On the order completion page, select this method if you do not want to pay online via a card but wish to pay in cash at the courier (ACS) at the time of receipt of your order. As soon as we receive your order we will call you as soon as possible on the contact phone to confirm your order and your details and proceed with its immediate dispatch. If you choose this form of payment, there is a small extra charge (3.00 €) which you pay to the courier at the time of receipt plus the amount of the order. This money is received by the courier company (ACS) for the delivery service.

2. Credit or color card via Viva Payments
The most common way of paying and relatively easy and absolutely secure is to pay by credit or debit card. All you need is to have a credit or debit card that has the MasterCard, Maestro or VISA logo. Payment will be completed in minutes online and is absolutely safe.

Additional card payment information

What exactly is your CVC / CVV asking me to do?
CVC / CVV is a 3-digit number located on the back of your credit or debit card. The reason for this number is for added security. The number is on the back of the card on the top right and what you need is only the last 3 digits.

What if an error occurs during the payment process (e.g., if I click cancel or the connection is interrupted)?
This is a question that concerns almost everyone. The answer is very simple. Nothing! Nothing to worry about as there is no chance of losing your money. The most likely thing is to cancel the payment and have to try again. This depends on the phase you were in before the connection was cut. The other case is that the payment has been completed and the amount has been committed by your card. In either case, we will contact you directly either to confirm your order or to tell you that we received a failed payment attempt!

Can I pay interest-free installments from my card?
Naturally. Collector’s Place accepts installments via Viva Payments. The cost of the order, including VAT and shipping costs, will be committed by your card.

3. Pay with PayPal

We will only proceed to execute your order after the money appears in our account. In order to execute your order directly, you can send us a copy of the bank payment order to us at