Berserk Wonderful Hobby Selection Statue Femto


Berserk Wonderful Hobby Selection Statue 1/6 Femto 42 cm

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Statues Berserk

The magnificent “King of Longing”.

Following on from Guts comes a second figure from the popular manga “”Berserk”” to join Good Smile Company and Max Factory’s ‘Wonderful Hobby Selection’ series of top quality figures. This time the figure is of Griffith’s form after he transcended to the God Hand – Femto!

The figure features the Hawk of Darkness bursting from the Egg of the Supreme Ruler in an ominous yet dignified appearance worthy of the name “”King of Longing””. The statue stands an impressive 420mm in height, which allows for incredible attention to detail on the sculpt and paintwork. Femto himself is of course intricately detailed, but the artisans at Max Factory have also given great attention to the broken Egg of the Supreme Ruler and the creature that lies within it, creating a polystone figure that can truly be called a work of art.

END 10/2017

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